anti-aging skin care kit

anti-aging skin care kit

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This kit combats photo damage, minimizes pores, fine lines, and the signs of aging. Amazing combo!

The Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit combats photo damage and all signs of aging for all skin types. With an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins, it hydrates and re-texturizes skin while minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines. For mature skin or as a preventative measure, this regimen offers “damage control” while rejuvenating skin. Expect an immediate, visible “glow”.

In the morning, cleanse the face (recommended botana-gel cleanser™). Apply a pea-size amount of high potenC serum™ to face and another to neck area. Blend into skin before applying moisture products (recommended C-difference™ – vitamin C lotion or green tea vita-E moisturizer™) followed by sun protection (recommended daily eclipse® SPF 30 mineral sunscreen). At night, cleanse the face and apply a dime-size amount of collagen renewal C’reme™ for nighttime repair. To exfoliate up to twice a week (or as directed by your skin care professional), apply retinyl enzyme evenly to cleansed skin. Leave on for 8-10 minutes. Remove with warm water and damp cloth. Rinse 3 times in total, or until skin is smooth and not tacky. Follow with collagen renewal C’reme™. Individual reactions to enzymatic exfoliation may vary, redness may occur and should resolve shortly. Retinyl enzyme should be used in evening to prevent potential reaction to sunlight. If used during the day, must be followed with mineral sunscreen to avoid possible inflammatory response to sunlight.
This skin care kit contains:

high potenC serum™ (18 ml)

retinyl enzyme treatment – with green tea (30 ml)

collagen renewal C’reme – with edelweiss extract (30 ml)

All dmSkincare™ products are gluten, paraben, phthalate, sulfate and petroleum-free.

Our products do not contain harmful chemicals, preservatives, fragrances or dyes. This is not typical of other “clinical” product lines available on the market. We don’t sacrifice safety to achieve clinical activity in our products, rather we tap nature to bring your natural beauty to life!

We have formulated our clean-clinical skincare line by avoiding the 14 toxic ingredients found in many other skincare products. We never use these damaging ingredients in dmSkincare™:

Synthetic Fragrances
Chemical Sunscreens
Antibacterial Compounds
Synthetic Polymers
Synthetic Colors